LIVE WEBINAR: series part 1

The Reality of Change in Your Flight Department

Tuesday, June 25
Ed DuVal
Aviation Maintenance Manager
Rhiannon Silvashy
Vice President, Sales
Lee Brewster
Director, Product Marketing

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2019/06/25 2:00 PM EDT

Your Flight Department Re-Imagined


Every flight department has a horror story. Whether it was new software, personnel changes, or even a new aircraft, the thought of change wreaks havoc and spreads fear across the entire organization. Many operators remain stuck with outdated processes and technology that under-performs just to remain in their comfort zone. In the end, you know there is a better way.

In part 1 of this webinar series, you will learn how to overcome the uncertainty around change in your flight department and learn how Flightdocs addresses:

Airworthiness & Compliance

Data Integrity & Security

Customer Service & Support

About The Hosts

Ed DuVal
Aviation Maintenance Manager, CMH Homes INC

Ed Duval is the Aviation Maintenance Manager for Clayton Homes Inc. in Knoxville TN. He graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with bachelors degree in Aviation Maintenance Management and FAA A&P license in 2011. After graduation Ed lived in North Carolina where he worked for Cessna Citation Service Center as mechanic and Customer service representative until 2015. During his time with Cessna, Ed traveled on a software training and implementation team as they migrated the company over to an SAP based infrastructure. Ed has helped Clayton renew their fleet from Citation Jets to Embraer business jets and continues to look for new ways to keep Clayton aviation at the leading edge of technology.

Rhiannon Silvashy
Vice President of Sales, Flightdocs
Raised in Florida, Rhiannon started her career at Flightdocs in 2012 as Regional Sales Manager. Prior to that, she worked in real estate, recruiting and sales for over 20 years. Quickly rising through the ranks, she was promoted to Director of Sales in 2014, then to Vice President of Sales in 2016. Rhiannon holds a degree from Florida State University for Business Management and mentors with Girls Going Places.
Lee Brewster
Director, Product Marketing, Flightdocs
Lee Brewster serves on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Maintenance Committee and was most recently Product Sales Manager for FlightSafety International’s maintenance training programs. Brewster has nearly 20 years of industry experience.
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