The Truth About Paperless or Paperlite in Your 135

Thursday, September 12
Nick King
Pilot / DOM
Hospital Wing
Adam Darnell
Alerion Aviation
Danny Leyva
Director of Client Services

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2019/09/12 2:00 PM EDT

The Truth About Paperless or Paperlite in Your 135

With today’s technology, part 135 operators are always looking for ways to become more efficient and responsive. In an industry where time is money and aircraft dispatchability is a key component of your business plan, it only makes sense to reduce the reliance on paper. Reducing the redundancy of multiple systems and data entry points as well as embracing a real-time data culture is a game-changer.

Join us to learn what it means to be paperless or paperlite in a 135, how Flightdocs customers have made that switch and how it has impacted their operations. This webinar will focus on:

Understanding FAA Requirements

Evaluating Your Current Processes

Executing Paperless Processess

About The Hosts

Nick King
Pilot / DOM, Hospital Wing

Nick King is the Director of Maintenance for Hospital Wing, as well as a purchase agent and pilot. Over the course of Nick’s career, he has seen many different options for maintenance tracking and has found the modern software solution to be the best available option.

Starting as a line maintenance mechanic at Hospital Wing in 2001, Nick has risen through the ranks to achieve his position as a pivotal leader within the operation. He carries out a myriad of duties including supervising maintenance, piloting ferry and test flights, purchasing aircraft and modifying aircraft for EMS purposes.

As Director of Maintenance, Nick took the initiative in utilizing a modern, paperless software solution to manage his operation. Now, with increased efficiency and accuracy, he is able to save time and streamline his operation’s workflow.

Adam Darnell
DOM, Alerion Aviation
Adam Darnell, Director of Maintenance for Alerion Aviation started his professional Aviation Career as a third generation United States Marine serving as a KC-130 Flight Engineer. After eight years on active duty he joined a regional airline for a year as a Quality Inspector. This was followed by a move to Illinois and five years as a Quality Inspector for Midcoast Aviation. Adam was recruited by Jet Direct Aviation to develop and manage the Maintenance Programs and Conformity Department consolidating multiple nation-wide Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates into one comprehensive Company. He was able to parlay his Aircraft Management and Customer Service experience into the Director of Maintenance role for Part 135 Air Carriers in Florida, joining Alerion in 2017 bringing us into the future with departmental digitization and process streamlining, as well as running a safe and profitable Maintenance Department.

Adam spends his off time with his seven children and wife of over twenty years. He enjoys working around the house and fixing cars.
Danny Deleva
Director of Client Services, Flightdocs
Danny has nearly 3 decades of industry experience. Starting his career as a Program Manager for Bombardier Aeronautics, Danny’s passion for aviation drove him through several positions in various organizations, such as Director of Maintenance, Program Manager, Technical Manager and Field Services Manager. He holds his AMT certification from Spartan School of Aeronautics.
Lee Brewster
Director, Product Marketing, Flightdocs
Lee Brewster serves on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Maintenance Committee and was most recently Product Sales Manager for FlightSafety International’s maintenance training programs. Brewster has nearly 20 years of industry experience.
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